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Prize winners
A free 9-month online course "Micro Teaching in Pairs" with Dr. Nellie Deutsch from Integrating Technology

Ekaterina Smoliakova, Russia

I'm a teacher and a tutor in a private language school. I teach pupils from 10 years old and older, teenagers and adults.

I'd like to say I really liked the webinar. The talks were lively and exciting, the speakers were enthusiastic and I appreciate it. Thank you very much again.
A one-year subscription to GalleryTeachers.com from Gallery Teachers
3 months free one-2-one "English improvement/confidence" classes from Online Language Center
An online course " Google Apps for Teachers" with Karin Heuert Galvão from i-Study Interactive
A Merriam-Webster Advance Learner's Dictionary from Peter Sokolowski at Merriam-Webster
A year-long Teacher Pass on English Attack from Paul Maglione from English Attack
A digital copy of A-Z Business English Activities by Julie Pratten from Academic Study Kit.
A digital copy of "Learning to Go: Lesson Ideas for Teaching with Mobile Devices" from Shelly Sanchez Terrell
A 30-minute session with Jack Askew (including report and worksheet) from Teaching ESL Online
A free 4-week online course "Classroom Management" with Louise Potter from Teach-In Education
A block of 5 photo-prompt paragraph lessons from Ron Johnson of L.T.L. Tutoring Central
A 1-hour SKYPE session "The PBL Tutor: Design a Culture of Learning" with Christina Chorianopoulou
A 1-hour SKYPE session "Skills for the Future of Work" with Theodora Papapanagiotou, Hyphen SA
A 1-hour SKYPE session "How to make a simple story-based video for your students" with Story Paul
A 1-hour SKYPE session on "How to Start Blogging" with Shanti C. Streat from English with a Twist

A one-hour SKYPE class on "Teaching Children" with Lucy Crichton from Secret Garden
A one-hour SKYPE class on "Pronunciation" with Thelma Marques from Schmetterling
A one-hour SKYPE session with Susan Brodar from Bilingual Communications
Hanna Zięba, Poland

I'm an English teacher from Poland.

The event was a fantastic idea. It filled me with great enthusiasm and motivation immediately. I didn't manage to see them all, of course, but I'm planning to watch most of them on your website soon.
Houda Lam, Morocco

English Student at University.

All I can say is that I'm happy to be here.
Cindy Totté, Brazil

High School English Teacher

I think it was a great idea! Very nice to see colleagues giving their presentations about very interesting subjects! Congrats.
Maria Vlachopoulou, Greece

I am an EFL teacher at a State Primary School teaching grades 4-6. I have been teaching for 17 years.

I have enjoyed the webathon immensely as I had the chance to watch many of my favourite colleagues and also get to know some new ones! It was an amazing experience, everyone shared so much in such a little time. Thank you very much for the experience!
Tunzala Jafarova, Azerbaijan

I am a head teacher at the English department of Baku Slavic University and also at Baku French School.

First of all, thanks so much for creating this wonderful project. We learned and also we shared our minds with different teachers and also the groups as well.
Gordon Craig, Japan

English Language Learning Coach

I really enjoyed the variety and quality of speakers. I could tune in and tune out at my convenience and need. It was also great making new contacts. I only wish the lawyer could have had more time. However, keeping everyone limited was the fair and necessary.
Nguyen Duy Linh, Vietnam


A great place to continue to develop my knowledge for my teaching profession
Helena Bošnjak,  Bosnia and Herzegovina

I graduated from Faculty of Philosophy, University of Mostar and got a Master's Degree in English and Philosophy.

Webathon is really great thing. People can help other people without much limitations especially because it is online.
Sinead Laffan, Hungary


A nice idea. Well done on all the hard work!
Gilmar Mattos, Brazil

English Teacher

An amazing opportunity for professional development. Highly recommended.
Doris Molero, Venezuela

EFL professor

Inspirators working together to show how it's done. A recording of effective ideas and experiences.
Nives Torresi, Italy

EFL Teacher (Language Skills, Drama, Business English)

"The EFL Talks Webathon was an amazing event, the bringing together of 50 presenters in the field of education for an online live event has no term other than 'awesome'. Thank you immensly to Rob Howard for an exciting new era of Teachers sharing their work."
Yuri Vogensen, Portugal

I am the DOS at a private language school

I enjoyed this event because of its original format - fast pace and variety of topics discussed.

Kristen Hammer, Brazil

American English Language and Culture Coach

The idea of having the webinar was a great one!  I would like to see more, and even take part in the next one.
Bozica Saric-Cvjetkovic, Serbia

EFL teacher (state primary school)

It was great to see so many familiar faces at one place and the concept provided great fun.
Yasmine Sichaib, Algeria

Teacher of English at the British Council Algeria

The webathon was a celebration of EFL with inspiring speakers and teachers caring about English Language Teaching. The talks were insightful and practical. The event was a great CPD opportunity. Thank you!
George Topalis, Greece

EFL teacher / Chair TESOL Macedonia Thrace Northern Greece

The talks were short and sweet and mostly of a practical nature which is what interests most EFL teachers. The programme gave viewers the opportunity to view things that interest each individual and come and go at will. In a nutshell, it was a nice laid back event with something for everyone.

Karina Pearl Thorne, China

EFL Teacher at Beijing Institute of Economics & Management

I really enjoyed watching the webathon videos. Great content. The time works really well - short, sharp, to-the-point, and usually very practical webinars, and many on topics that I am not so familiar with. I look forward to the next round. Indeed, I'd love to participate next time!
Besma Maraoui, Tunisia

Teacher in a Prep School

It was a real celebration of World Teachers' Day. The sharing of experiences of teachers throughout the world shows our global concern with education and proves that motivated teachers are the real agents of change. Different experiences allow testing them with our students and comparing ourselves to what is happening in the world in the field of education.
Beatriz Lupiano, Argentina

Teacher of English as a foreign language (Universidad Nacional de La Plata)

The webathon was a fun and interesting way to learn new ideas and techniques.
Monique Bos, The Netherlands

English Teacher

Inspirational - a great way to spend your spare time. Definitely something to be repeated in the future.
Umes Shrestha, Nepal

Faculty of English and Business Communication, King's College, Kathmandu

Even though I had to frustratingly sign in and out of the webcast several times, I thought the idea of 10 x 10 x 10 was very innovative, similar to Pecha Kucha for presentation.
Mara Benjamin, Israel

Public High School English Teacher

I think the concept is fantastic and I am proud to be part of such an innovative learning community.
Tauseef Farooq, Canada

English Teacher

Webathon is a great opportunity to learn and get connected. It broadens the mental horizon and motivates you to excel by learning new strategies.
Kat Robb, Spain

Teacher, Teacher Trainer & Speaker

The webathon was a truly innovative idea and provided motivation for professionals to attend as much as possible. With such a variety of speakers there was something for every context and I look forward to the next edition!

Donald Patnaude, Thailand

Ajarn Donald's English Language Services

I really did enjoy the webathon very much because of the selection of participants from different parts of the globe. I would love to see many more like this and hope they grow in terms of viewers. Thank you very much.
Valeria R. B. Arabadgi, Brazil

English Teacher one-to-one classes in companies

I must say that the Webathon was one-of-a-kind experience besides deeply inspiring. Being in touch with so many interesting people and being introduced to their creative procedures was amazing! Thank you all for the opportunity.
Sara Tilleman, Israel

Academic Coordinator of the ESL Department at Ono Academic College

I enjoyed the webathon - it's a great opportunity to learn from the leaders in our field.
Tayna Moura, Brazil

English Teacher and translator

Gathering some of these amazing and famous speakers for the webathon was an incredible idea. The event was fast and fun with such varied topics it was impossible to turn off. Rob Howard made the impossible happen and I can't wait for the next event.

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