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Advisory board

Rob Howard

Founder & Host

Rob Howard is the founder of
EFLtalks and is the host, organizer and head of EFLtalks.
Karin Heuert Galvao

Support Advisor

Karin Heuert Galvão works with planning, organizing, promoting and support for
Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Technical Advisor

Dr. Nellie Deutsch is our technology consultant helped organize
EFLtalks platform in the early stages.
Henrick Oprea

Organizational Advisor

Henrick Oprea supports the organizational database. He was the first invited
Marjorie Rosenberg

Academic Advisor

Marjorie Rosenberg is an academic consultant and a frequent speaker for
EFLtalks and helps us grow.
John Arnold

Technical Advisor

John's knowledge of advertising and marketing with tech is helping
EFLtalks spread the word all over the world.
Ania Kolbuszewska

Academic Advisor

Ania will head up our Academic Team and new Podcast streams to help bring
EFLtalks to more teachers.
Andrzej Stesik

Administrative Advisor

Andrzej brings his administrative background to help
EFLtalks better organize our offerings.
Elena Mateeva

Academic Advisor

Elena will help our Academic Team and new Podcast streams to help bring
EFLtalks to more teachers.

Philip Pound

Marketing Advisor

Philip's advertising and marketing background is helping with promoting us through
EFLmagazine worldwide.
Judy Wong

Marketing Advisor

Judy Wong's advertising and marketing background is helping
EFLtalks all over the world.
Glenn Standish

Academic Advisor

Glenn Standish, will help us with his academic expertise for some new
EFLtalks projects.
Candy Zhang

Marketing Advisor

Candy Zhang, a long-time supporter of
EFLtalks will help us very soon to bring EFLtalks to China.

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