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Advisory board

Rob Howard

Founder & Host

Rob Howard is the founder of
EFLtalks and as owner of Online Language Center, the main sponsor. Rob handles planning, promotion, programming, training and is the host of EFLtalks.
Karin Heuert Galvao

Support Advisor

Karin Heuert Galvão works with planning, organizing, promoting and support as well as coordinating the academic team and covering our Brazilian market where
EFLtalks all started.
Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Technical Advisor

Dr. Nellie Deutsch is our
EFLtalks technology consultant and runs the works. She organizes the Moodle, online conferences, as well as serving as an academic consultant.
Marjorie Rosenberg

Academic Advisor

Marjorie Rosenberg is an academic consultant and support for marketing.  She has been with a frequent speaker for
EFLtalks and helps us grow.
Stephen Greene

Academic Advisor

Stephen Greene is our academic consultant and oversees the live twitter feed. He has been with
EFLtalks since day one.
Judy Wong

Marketing Advisor

Judy Wong's advertising and marketing background is helping
EFLtalks all over the world as well as covering the US market.
Philip Pound

Promotions Advisor

Philip Pound is helping with promotions and marketing through his publication,
EFL Magazine.

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